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  1. Home
    • Home safety needs for your dog will depend heavily on your specific dog’s personality, your home’s layout, your lifestyle and more. If you have certain areas of the home that are dangerous for your dog to be in, or that you simply do not want them in, you can install gates in doorways to prevent them from entering.  If you plan to take your dog for a walk and your dog has not been well-trained off the leash yet, it is imperative that you walk them on a leash for their safety and the safety of others.  Additionally, it is important to ensure that your dog has a collar with name and contact information should your dog ever get out of your house or yard, or get away from you on a walk.  If you do not have a fence and do not want to install one, consider installing a wireless pet containment system that will activate static correction on the collar, or activate a sound that will stop your dog, should your dog approach the boundaries and try to leave your yard.
  2. Water
    • Many dogs love to play in the water and swim freely but others are not so sure about it. It is important to teach your dog water safety and how to get in and out of the water but if you plan to be on an open body of water with your dog (perhaps on a boat) it is important to ensure your dog’s safety.  There are dog lifejackets available for dogs of any size and that will provide you peace of mind that you are taking the best possible care of your dog in case your dog ends up in the water for unplanned reason.
    • Safety Vest
  3. Car
    • Did you know that when you are driving, if your dog is sitting in the car on a passenger seat, the floor or on your lap it is not safe for either you, your passengers or your dog? While it may seem fun or comforting, a dog that is not secure in the car can become the equivalent of a projectile – injuring you, your passengers or your dog –  if you are in an accident. If you choose to secure your pet with a safety belt – beware – many of the safety belts available on the market are not as safe as you might think.  Upon testing many failed basic safety standards and could even cause further injury to your dog.  Huffington Post explained which ones are safe to use in your vehicle, “The four products that passed the Center for Pet Safety’s tests were Gunner Kennel G1 Intermediate with Strength Rated Anchor Straps, Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed with PPRS Handilock, PetEgo Jet Set Forma Frame Carrier with ISOFIX-Latch Connection, and SleepypodClickit Utility. (The SleepypodClickit Sport is certified by Center for Pet Safety.)”
  4. Flight
    • If you are flying with your dog you want to get a crate or carrier that is large enough to fit your dog with room to stand and sit, but not so large that they can take a stroll inside. Food and water dishes should be able to attach to the door of your dog crate and the crate should have ventilation on three sides, per airline guidelines.  Sleepypod also makes a carrier that is safe for airline and car travel if you are keeping your dog on the car or airplane seat.  It secures with the seatbelt for added safety.