Daily Schedule

We have different summer and winter schedules based on weather conditions for the safety of our guests. We also have shoulder seasons as we shift between the two.


6:00 am, everyone up and out for potty break
6:30 am, breakfast is served
6:30-7 am, new guest arrival
7-9 am, morning playgroup
9 am-3 pm, mid-day naps
3 pm, afternoon potty break
5 pm, dinner service
7:30-9:30 pm, nighttime playgroup
10 pm, bedtime cookies, lights out


7 am, up for potty time
7:30 am, breakfast is served
7:30-8 am, new guest arrival
8-10 am, morning playgroup
10 am-3:30 pm, mid-day naps
3:30-5:30 pm afternoon playgroup
5:30 pm, dinner service
9:30 pm, evening potty break
10:00 pm, bedtime cookies and lights out

As you will notice we are quite busy in the am during drop off time, which is why we really appreciate your 10 minute call. It is often not possible to drop everything for a surprise arrival, when we know you are in a hurry. There is not an afternoon drop off time.

Departures may leave anywhere from 7-10 am and 4-5:30 pm, again your 10 min notice is appreciated. As we are in a residential area we do our best to keep disturbances to a minimum, please call.
Picking up by someone other than a person listed on your Boarding Agreement is not allowed without prior authorization. Please fill out the release authorization form and leave on drop off. If this was child day care you wouldn’t let anyone pick up your child, same idea ……..sorry! Intact male dogs are allowed in playgroup on a case by case basis.

The Happy Dog Inn Provides in Dog Boarding & Doggie Daycare in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

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