Dog Boarding Fees and Hours


The fees at The Happy Dog Inn are all inclusive with the exception of food. There are no additional charges for playgroups, TV’s, seniors, special needs, adding food extra’s, medication or the indoor/outdoor suites. Dog size does not matter here because everyone gets a suite. We only have 14, and everyone gets full treatment.
Our fees are $75 per night for the first dog in a suite and $45 for each additional guest from the same home in the same suite, per night. Afternoon pickups are charged half of the full day rate.

Daycare is available when space allows. Fees are 25% of full day rate for a 2 hour playgroup, 50% for all day which includes both playgroups and a suite for nap time. Summer hours do not allow for an afternoon playgroup due to heat. Daycare guests must fit into normal drop off and pick up times.


The Happy Dog Inn is open from 7-10 am and 4-5:30 pm, 365 days per year. In the summer we are open at 6:30 am. Tours are available 8-10 am or 4-5:30 daily. Please call enroute. Drop off hours are 6:30-7 am in the summer and 7:00-8 am in winter hours.

Required Vaccinations
All guests are required to be current for Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella.
Female dogs in “heat” are not accepted.

The Happy Dog Inn Provides in Dog Boarding & Doggie Daycare in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

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