Dog Boarding Forms

This Agreement is made between The Happy Dog Inn, LLC (HDI) and the Owner(s) of the pet(s) listed below and shall govern all stays at the HDI (#1-6).

Boarding Care of Pet(s);

HDI agrees to provide the services as described in the website . Owner acknowledges reading the website description under FEES and acknowledges inspecting facility and that conditions are acceptable.

Fees, Charges;

Owner agrees to pay $60 per night for a single pet and $30 for each additional pet from the same home in the same suite per night. One half of this amount for 1/2 days including PM pick up. Owner shall make full payment for Boarding services in the event of early pick up. Owner agrees to pay a 3 day cancellation fee if cancellation is made less than 3 full days prior to scheduled arrival. Thanksgiving and Christmas are exceptions to this rule as they are confirmed 30 days in advance and are not cancelable or refundable. Stays may be extended at owners request if HDI agrees and space is available. All normal fees apply. For all fees and charges incurred under this agreement Owner authorizes HDI to charge owners Credit Card upon the date agreed for pick up and thereafter as incurred. Rates are subject to change and owners will be advised of any change prior to drop off. During Flea and Tick season dogs will be treated with Flontline Plus upon arrival if they are not currently on a flea and tick program. There is a $10 charge per dog for treatment. Effective Jan. 1, 2018 rates will increase by $5.00 per day per dog.

Food, Medicine;

Owner agrees to provide pre-packaged food for each day of Boarding plus an additional 2 days. Medicine instructions are to be provided along with daily supply and additional 2 days. All Pets in the care of HDI must be current with Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella.


The Credit Card below will be used to guarantee reservation and Emergency pet care while Boarding at the HDI (#7 and 8). Owner agrees to keep all Credit Card info current.

If an emergency does arise requiring Veterinary care while at HDI, care will be provided by HDI’s choice of hospital. Minor problems as determined by HDI staff will wait for owners return. If care is needed and owners cannot be reached, Owner authorizes HDI to spend up to the dollar amount below for veterinary care (#9). HDI will make every attempt to reach Owner and Emergency contact in the event of a medical emergency, HDI will decline care above this amount. If Owner has Pet Insurance HDI must be advised in writing.

Playgroup Authorization;

If owner would like pets to participate in playgroup. Owner understands and acknowledges that there is always the possibility of injury either to itself or by another pet. Owner hereby releases all care providers and HDI officers of any and all liability of injury to pet associated with being in playgroup (#12). Must fill in YES or NO below, please let us know if there has ever been any issues with other dogs. The HDI reserves the right to exclude any pets we feel are not acceptable in group.
Please enter Veterinary Hospital name in this space.

Pick other than Owner;

Pets will not be released to anyone other than those listed on the Boarding Agreement without prior written authorization. Notification form must be provided at drop off.

Limitation of HDI;

The maximum liability of HDI for any failure to perform hereunder or for any harm, other than willful and intentional, to pets for any situation shall be the cost of the stay during which harm may have occurred, but not to exceed $500.00. There shall be no liability for acts of nature, ingestion of foreign objects, insect infestation or bites, contact with wildlife, lightening or other Acts of God.
Abandonment of Pet, ARS 3-1310 shall apply.

Understood, agreed and accepted (#10 and 11);

Pick Up Authorization

If someone other than the people listed on your Boarding Agreement will be picking up your pet please complete this form and email or bring on drop off day.

Dogs will not be released without prior arrangement under any circumstances.

Please remember to have them call when they are on the way. HDI is released of all responsibility upon pick up. Payment in advance in this situation.

The Happy Dog Inn Provides in Dog Boarding & Doggie Daycare in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

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