Happy Dog at Happy Dog Inn

There are few things more adorable than a puppy.  They are so cuddly, loving, sweet, and playful.  And, while puppies are incredibly cute, what is not so cute is when they have an accident on your flooring or furniture.  If you do not set out to properly house train your puppy you are likely in for a long and frustrating relationship filled with odors and stains.  When house training a puppy there are a variety of ways that you can set you and your dog up for success while sidestepping common pitfalls that can lead to a lot of headaches.  Below are a list of tips and tricks to implement when house training your dog so that you do not have to constantly scold your dog for accidents in the house.  Regardless of what method you pick, it is important use positive reinforcement and to pick a method and stick with it so that there is no confusion over what you expect of your dog.

  • Crate Training
    • Crate training can be controversial but there is a way to do so lovingly and humanely. If you opt to crate train your dog for times when you are at work or just away, it is important to take your dog to the bathroom as soon as you return as they may have been holding it for some time.  Dogs naturally enjoy being in a crate when it is not used as a punishment because they have a natural den instinct.  When you puppy is young they should not stay in the crate for more than 3 or so hours because they do not have enough bladder control to hold it for longer than that.   By always using the crate in a positive way, your dog should walk freely into the crate, knowing it is a safe and secure place.
  • Paper Training
    • Paper training should not be your only method of house training yoru do gbut can be used strategically. If you want to use newspaper or a potty pad for your dog in a confined space be sure that there is enough room for your dog to lie down and walk around with the potty area separate so that they know that it is specific for that use.
  • Frequent Trips Outside/Dog Door Training
    • Teaching your dog where to go potty by taking frequent trips outside will help them quickly associate where they are supposed to go with success. Frequent trips, at first, will help avoid accidents and frustration.  Take your dog to the same spot every time so they always know to associate that with going to the bathroom.  If you want to train them to use the dog door, take them to the door every time and have them go through the door then meet them outside to show them where to go potty.  Soon, they will know exactly what to do all on their own.