If your dog begs for food every time you sit down to eat it might be starting to get on your nerves.  Most people think that if their dog begs for food there is not much they can do.  It simply seems like something that is in a dog’s nature – ‘of course a dog is going to beg for delicious smelling food!’  But, you do not have to live with this annoying habit!  With some dedication, you can train your dog to stop beginning for food.

The first way you can stop your dog from beginning at the table is to prevent the problem altogether.  This is done very simply by either putting your dog in their crate, in a room, or outside while you eat your meals.  Another way to distract them during meal time is to give them something that will catch their interest.  For example, if you have a Kong toy or other toy that you can put some peanut butter in that will give them a delicious and entertaining form of distraction.  You can also feed your dog his dinner at the same time.  If you feed them their food in a bowl that

If you prefer to train your dog not to beg at all it will require more dedication and consistency but it will pay off.  First, as much as possible, try to completely ignore your dog when they beg.  Do not talk to them, look at them, talk about them to others at the table, or acknowledge their behavior whatsoever.  And most importantly – do not give them ANY food.  If they continue begging you can give them a command of your choosing.  When they start to beg you tell them ‘no’ and wait for them to stop.  If they cannot stop or get down you walk them over to a tethered leash and put them on the leash a distance from the table.  Or alternatively, you could put them in a crate just outside of sight.  This will teach them that their behavior was unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  This approach requires more work on your part and will likely have to be repeated multiple times.  Additionally, you will need to be very consistent – no slip ups!  Those adorable pouty eyes may be begging for food but if you give in and give them some even once you will be undermining your efforts to deter begging.