Whether you have a new puppy or an adult dog, it is important that they are properly socialized for a variety of reasons. Does your dog get skittish around new people?  Run and hide?  Get overly aggressive or protective?  If you take your dog for a walk, does it bark at passersby, or get aggressive with a fellow dog at the dog park?  While your lifestyle and individual dog will influence how much you need to socialize your dog, all dogs can benefit from socialization which helps expand their horizons and bring them joy.  Socializing your dog exposes them to the world and teaches them that, on the whole, their interactions and encounters with the outside world are not scary or threatening.

When socializing your dog, it is important to do it in a loving, safe and sanitary atmosphere so that they can freely explore their surroundings, other people and other dogs. It is important to reward your dog for good behavior to teach them it is good and safe to have positive interactions. There are a variety of ways to socialize dogs including outings, training classes, and taking your dog to a high-end doggy daycare or boarding facility. At The Happy Dog Inn, we pride ourselves on providing dogs with just such an environment.  It is imperative that the environment feel safe, loving, and familiar for a dog that is not used to socialization.  In addition to our expansive outdoor space that has been specifically designed with dogs in mind, we have an indoor dog room with a couch, chairs, kitchen and TV’s to duplicate the home environment and reduce stress levels.  Further, we believe in careful and considerate socialization that builds confidence which is why we divide our playgroups according to each dog’s unique personality, rather than size.  We have found that there are smaller dogs who can run with the big dogs and dogs that are more meek who are better off with little dogs.  Further, we cater to dogs that have special needs (both physical disabilities and behavior issues) to ensure that your dog gets the individual attention that it needs when being socialized.  At The Happy Dog Inn, we know that you have a busy schedule and that you want the best for your dog when you are away.  We have a state-of-the-art facility and highly qualified employees to ensure that your dog gets the loving, safe, healthy socialization that it needs so that your dog can feel confident and be well-behaved in social situations.