c38c66b106d8e7b391b3147135ee848eWe’ve all seen the viral videos that are similarly titled with something like, “Look What My Dog Did While I Was at Work.”  The content of these videos may be mischievous or silly but, do we really know what our pets do if we leave them home for the day?  Our dog’s “secret lives” may be, in fact, not so secret.  If we leave our dogs home all day while we are at work or otherwise occupied we may come home to some evidence that points us towards what they have been doing.  Perhaps your dog got into the trash looking for a snack, chewed on your favorite pair of slippers, had a potty “accident,” or perhaps they barely moved from their favorite cozy spot because they were sad that you were gone.  Leaving your dog home for extended hours can leave your dog restless, depressed or some combination of both.  Without interaction and exercise they are left to entertain themselves and their choice of entertainment may not always be ideal.  The truth is, the average workday is often too long to leave your dog home alone, especially if they are young or middle-aged.  Fortunately, you can take your dog to a boarding facility for the day or for extended stays when you go out of town.

A boarding facility, such as The Happy Dog Inn, ensures that your dog is well-cared for, loved and entertained all day long.  Just like you might take your child to daycare for socialization and general care, The Happy Dog Inn provides similar features and benefits for dogs.  While a day at home may be a “secret” or “mystery”, a day at The Happy Dog Inn is filled with a robust schedule that includes playgroup where dogs get to socialize and exercise outside, breakfast, potty breaks, naps, dinner, snacks and more.  Your dog’s schedule will be full from 6am to 10pm, combining structure and fun while meeting the basic needs of your dog.  Safety is always prioritized and should your dog require additional meals or medication, accommodations can be made.  Why wonder if your dog is okay all day only to dread coming home to the newest mess.  Further, why leave your beloved dog confused, sad or anxious wondering where you are?  With a boarding and daycare facility like The Happy Dog Inn, your dog’s day no longer has to be a secret riddled with mischief and fear.  Rather, it can be filled with your dog’s joy and safety, and your peace of mind that he is in the best hands while you are away.