Dogs vomit for a variety of reasons, just like humans.  Dogs may vomit with some frequency for a variety of reasons – they ate something bad or that just upset their stomach, they are ill, they ate too quickly and gagged, you recently switched their food and the new formula is taking some getting used to, and more.  If your dog has been ill or ate something that upset their stomach, just like you when you are sick, they need to take it easy with their food to allow their stomach to heal and normalize before they resume regular eating.

Switching to something bland for a few days can be immensely helpful for your dog’s stomach after illness.  Just think about what you eat when you have the stomach flu or food poisoning – you probably gradually start eating things like crackers and dry toast before your stomach can handle more flavorful or fatty foods.  While your dog is getting better, you may consider making them some special food.  This can include things like boiled shredded chicken, white rice, and even some mashed pumpkin.  You can slowly add in things like shredded carrots, low-fat cottage cheese, canned tuna, Avoid fatty foods and stick to foods that will be easy for your dog’s stomach to digest. Don’t forget to ensure that your dog is staying hydrated with plenty of water, especially if they are vomiting frequently.  One way to assist your dog in staying hydrated as well as fed is to switch to wet dog food for a few days or weeks.  Wet dog food has higher water content so while they are eating they will also be receiving beneficial fluids to prevent dehydration.

Additionally, do not forget that, just like your stomach needs probiotics to heal, so does your dogs.  Consider adding in probiotics or allowing your dog to eat a little plain yogurt to help heal his stomach.  If you see your dog eating grass and then vomiting, allow him to do so (within reason).  A dog will eat grass to encourage vomiting as a way of getting something upsetting out of their system.  If your dog is vomiting multiple times per day, or the vomiting continues over a few days or weeks, it is time to see your veterinarian.  Vomiting can be an indication of something else going on with your dog’s health, such as disease.  Vomiting is common with dogs, but prolonged vomiting is not.