Are you ready to liberate yourself – and your dog – from the constant begging to go out, or worse, accidents?  If you have a dog you know that they will need to go outside to go potty a few times each day.  They may also want to stretch their legs and get some fresh air out in the yard from time to time.  If you feel like you spend half your day letting your dog in or out.  Installing a dog door in your home can feel quite freeing but if you have started looking you probably know that there is a wide selection of dog doors from which to choose.

First you need to consider the size of your dog and the size of the door you intend to install.  A Chihuahua will need a different size door than a Labrador Retriever.  Once you know the size of the door you will need and the room in which it will be installed you can begin to consider the type of doors available.  There are many different types of doors – some with flaps and some with automatic sliding doors.  Some are designed to be energy efficient, some are designed with extra durability to stand the test of time and heavy use.  There is a dog door and style for every budget and need.

A pet door with an automatic sliding door is high-tech, provides enhanced security and energy efficiency and can even audibly alert when a dog goes out or comes in.  There are a variety of sizes available to accommodate even the tiniest of dogs up to dogs in the 90lbs range!  These dog doors do tend to be on the more expensive side, usually ranging in price between $250 – $850.  Flap pet doors are very common and can either have a single flap or a double flap.  They have sizes available for any size dog and are usually more affordable, ranging in price between $20 (small and basic) – $350 (large and energy efficient).  Both of these types of dog doors can be installed in the wall or can be a panel that is inserted into a sliding door-frame.  Panels are particularly DIY friendly because you simple measure your door-frame and purchase the appropriate size dog door panel for your sliding doorway and then install it.  Additionally, there are dog doors that can be installed right in your screen door.  They simple get installed into the frame and then the excess insect screen around the pet entry is removed. This type of door is ideal for mild climates where you tend to leave your primary door open, revealing your screen door.  Whatever door you choose, once installed, you and your dog are sure to enjoy the newfound freedom that your pet door provides.