Dog Play Area

When you are preparing to board your dog and searching for just the right boarding facility, it can be difficult to discern which facility is best for your dog.  There are many great and safe facilities out there but, unfortunately, there are also some facilities that are not the best or are downright dangerous.  It is important to do your research, ask questions, and take a tour of the facility before you board your dog.  Happy Dog Inn is a dog boarding facility in Scottsdale, AZ specifically designed for dog boarding and dog daycare and it is our mission to provide dogs with a safe, stress-free, and fun environment and customers a place that offers peace of mind that their dog is being well-cared for at all times.

Determining the best dog boarding facility for your unique needs typically begins by asking questions before visiting the facility.  First, ask the facility about their bonding, insurance and licensing.  If they are truly a quality boarding facility, they will be bonded and insured for both their protection and yours.  It is also a good idea to ask for any certifications or licenses that are state required to ensure that they are up to date on everything.  And, when you do visit the facility, it never hurts to ask to actually see documentation, particularly if you have any reservations at all.  Further, ask who is at the facility and if someone is there at all times.  Also, ask about what type of outside area the dogs will have access to for recreation and to relieve themselves.  And don’t forget to ask how much exercise time each dog gets and if they are allowed off leash?  Finally, don’t forget to ask what qualifications and training the staff has for caring for your dog.  If your dog has any special needs or requirements, be sure to ask if they are capable of accommodating them.

Once your questions have been answered it is important to visit and tour the facility.  People can make a place sound great, and they can make a front office look good and clean, but you should ask to take a complete tour of the facility before you leave your dog.  Does the facility look clean?  While you are taking your tour you should ask how often the areas are disinfected.  Look inside the kennels to see if they look clean, safe and large enough for the dog they are accommodating.  Look to see if staff is interacting with the dogs in a positive and friendly manner.   A walk through the dog facility will help provide you peace of mind that the dog boarding facility you choose will be safe for your dog.  Finally, if you smell any bad odors, see dogs that are restless or pacing, facilities that look dangerous, dogs in too small of kennels, or the facility will not provide you with a tour, these warning signs should send you running in the other direction.  By asking the right questions and taking a tour of the facility, you can find a dog boarding facility that both you and your dog will love.