Dogs chill

Choosing a bed for your dog should be easy.  You just pick a comfortable, plush-looking dog bed from the pet store, right?  While choosing a comfortable place for your dog to sleep may seem like a straight forward, easy task it is usually more complicated than that.  There are many factors to consider when choosing your dog bed to ensure that it is not only comfortable for your dog, but supports their overall health and maximizes the quality of their rest.

The first thing to consider when choosing a dog bed is the size of your dog now, and depending on their age, the size they will grow to be.  Small dogs will obviously only require a smaller bed but they also tend to be less destructive than larger dogs.  Large dogs that weight more and have larger paws can damage and wear out bedding materials more quickly than smaller dogs so you want to choose not only a larger dog bed but a more sturdy and durable dog bed.

Does your dog tend to like to scratch at things or spend a lot of time playing outside in the dirt?  If so, it is important to choose a dog bed that is made of durable fabric and is washable or has a removable, washable cover.  If your dog tends to be very active, has a long/thick coat,  or just get overheated or sweaty very easily, you may want to consider an elevated pet bed.  And elevated pet bed allows for air to circulate underneath the bed and through the bed fabric which keeps your dog much cooler than other dog beds.

Is your dog getting a bit older?  If so, your dog may have arthritis or just not be able to get up and down as easily as they used to.  When this is the case you want to make their life as easy and comfortable as possible.  A low to the ground dog bed made of memory foam will be the best way to support your dog’s aging body and give them the comfortable rest that they need.  There are many dog beds made of orthopedic memory foam that gives your dog cushioning against the hard floor but does not make it difficult for them to get in and out of their bed.

If your dog tends to struggle with anxiety or just likes to sleep in a more secure place, there are dog beds made specifically to comfort your dog and reduce anxiety/fear.  Cave-style dog beds keep them hidden or covered and give them a sense of security for improved rest.  There are a multitude of dog bed styles, sizes, colors, patterns, materials and more.  There is something for any home decor aesthetic and any price point so choose the dog bed that best suits your home and, more importantly, your dogs needs.