Dog on Lawn

As pet owners, we often focus on what “human” foods our dogs should not eat.  We vigilantly avoid giving them things like chocolate or pecans that can make them seriously ill, we sometimes forget that there are many human foods that are actually good for our dogs.  Many store-bought dry dog foods lack certain vitamins and minerals that real food can provide.  So whether you decide to share some “ok” foods off your plate as an occasional treat, or you decide to prepare fresh food for your dog on a regular basis, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are giving your dog food that is good for them.

  1. Peanut Butter
    • It is not just humans that find peanut butter delicious, dogs do too! It is a great source of fat and protein but just do not overdue it.  You can give your dog a little peanut butter as a treat each day.  If you want to use it to occupy and entertain your dog, consider stuffing it inside a Kong toy and letting them work to get it out while enjoying their treat.
  2. Meat
    • Chicken, turkey, and beef, whether ground or cut into small pieces can make a delicious meal for your dog. Mix it in with some vegetables or rice and you have a great, well-i
  3. Cheese
    • Small amounts of cheese can be another good source of fat and protein that your dog will enjoy. Any kind of cheese is ok but cottage cheese is a great option because it is low in fat but high in protein.
  4. Fish
    • Any kind of fish is high in vitamins and is a great, lean source of protein. Like meat, mix it with some rice and vegetables and your dog will enjoy a complete, well-rounded meal.
  5. Yogurt
    • We aren’t talking about the sweetened, flavored yogurt, it needs to be plain, unsweetened yogurt. Plain yogurt is high in protein, calcium and digestive cultures that will support the health of your dog.
  6. Pumpkin
    • Pumpkin is not just for your pies during the fall. Pumpkin is great for your dog because it is full of fiber and Vitamin A. Stick to plain pumpkin, not the kind that you have mixed with cinnamon and other spices though, because those spices could upset your dog’s stomach.
  7. Eggs
    • Scrambled or hard-boiled, any eggs with whites that have been fully cooked are great for your dog. They are rich in protein and can even help with an upset stomach.