Pup staying at Happy Dog Inn

When people think of bringing home a new dog they probably envision bringing home that sweet, cuddly puppy that they will train and raise from a young age.  And, while there is nothing wrong with adopting a puppy, there are many great reasons to consider adopting an adult dog.  Adult dogs occasionally get written off by potential adopters because they think they will have bad habits to break or that they won’t bond easily with a new family.  Though that may be the case for some adult dogs, many adult dogs make a wonderful addition to any household.  Below are 5 reasons you should consider adopting an adult dog when you are ready to bring a new dog home.

5 Reasons to Adopt an Adult Dog

  1. No Potty Training!
    • Though not all are, many adult dogs are already potty trained which means you do not have to go through the dreaded potty-training stage that you would have to with a new puppy.
  2. You Know What Type of Personality You Are Getting
    • Most puppies are a bit rambunctious but all dogs develop a unique personality as they age. Some remain rambunctious while others become much calmer.  Some are very friendly and some do not like to socialize.  Some like to go new places and some prefer to stay home.  With an adult dog, you know exactly what kind of personality you are going to get so you are able to choose a dog that fits your lifestyle and personality preferences.
  3. Already Past Puppy Antics
    • Many puppies are up all night like a newborn baby trying to adapt to a new world. Puppies also tend to be very mischievous, shredding up slippers, chewing shoes or underwear, chewing on furniture, and more.  This is often because they are teething and learning their boundaries but an adult dog is usually more sedate and has already aged-out of those silly puppy antics.
  4. You May Be Saving a Dog’s Life
    • Younger dogs and puppies tend to get adopted from shelters at a much higher rate than older dogs and the longer a dog stays in a shelter, the more likely they are to be euthanized. By adopting an adult dog you may actually be saving their life!
  5. Unbreakable Bond and Companionship
    • Many adult dogs have not had a steady source of love and compassion so when they receive that from you it is sure to create an unbreakable bond. Your dog will love having you for a new companion and you will love it too!