Happy dog on the lawn

Today there is a wide array of ways to feed your dog and options from which to choose.  Not only are there dry and wet dog food options in stores but you may also choose to cook your own food for your dog right at home.  Dogs can actually eat a wide array of “people foods” and if you are really strategic, you and your dog can actually share a meal without sacrificing quality, health or appeal.  Below are 5 fun and delicious meals that you can share with your dog for a wonderful meal at home!


5 Meals You Can Share with Your Dog

  1. Thanksgiving in a Bowl
    • No, you do not have to eat your Thanksgiving meal out of a bowl but we thought with this holiday fast approaching this was the perfect way to celebrate with your pup! You can prepare your Thanksgiving meal as normal and then cut various components up into small bites and put them in your dog’s bowl for a yummy holiday feast.  This Thanksgiving meal for your dog from Rachel Ray has all of the Thanksgiving staples – turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and even cranberry sauce!
  2. Salmon Cakes
    • Salmon cakes are delicious and nutritious! They are a gourmet meal that is packed with nutrition and pares perfectly with a side salad and some vegetables for all the humans in your home. And, your dog will be more than thrilled when you offer to share!  These salmon cakes for dogs recipe is not just for dogs, it is a recipe from Whole Foods that is great for the whole family including our four-legged family members.
  3. Breakfast
    • Whether you want to eat this delicious breakfast recipe in the morning to get your day started or you enjoy mixing it up and having breakfast for dinner, this one is a winner for humans and dogs alike! A meat and potato hash is a great way to use up leftovers and when you throw a fried egg on top it just takes it to the next level.  This breakfast hash for dogs recipe from Rachel Ray is one easy and frugal way to feed everyone in the family, including your dog.
  4. Grill Up a Burger
    • When you break out the grill and cook up some delicious burgers don’t forget to throw an extra one on for your dog! Your dog can enjoy eating a fresh cooked burger (and even a little cheese on top!) right along with you.  And, if you decide to make some potatoes or even french fries in the oven your dog can have some of those as well for a complete meal (as long as they aren’t too greasy!).