Every dog, regardless of age or breed, can and should learn some basic commands.  Puppies can be rambunctious and get into quite a bit of trouble so teaching them certain obedience commands as soon as possible will help them learn that you are in charge and that they need to listen.  And, the saying that “old dogs can’t learn new tricks” simply isn’t true.  Any dog, even if they are older and have some well-established bad habits, can learn commands with consistency and time.  Below are 5 basic commands that every dog should know and be able to perform.

5 Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know

  1. Sit
    • Every dog should know the “sit” command. Many dogs can get easily excited over certain circumstances such as when you are filling their food bowl, when you are going to take them for a walk, or when a person is entering the home.  By teaching your dog to obey when you say “sit” it will help them calm down, control their excitement, and wait for you to tell them what to do next.
  2. Come
    • Whether your dog is being mischievous and playful, running away with a toy or something they should not have or whether it is dangerous for them to venture further away, “come” is an essential command for any dog. Did your dog run out of the front door and is now running down your street?  Scary!  Use your “come” command and your well-trained dog should simply return to where you are rather than getting lost.
  3. Stay
    • “Sit” and “stay” may sound like very similar commands but it is important that dogs learn both. Stay is important because it tell them that not only should they perhaps sit but that they should not move from where they are.  This is particularly important from a safety standpoint.  This can help you if glass breaks or there is dangerous food on the ground and you need a moment to clean it up without the risk of your dog getting into it.  Additionally, it may stop them from running off into potentially perilous situations
  4. Down
    • “Down” is a good command that will help save your furniture and clothing. Dogs get excited and want to show affection and may jump up on you but then they get your clothes dirty or covered in hair.  By saying “down” they will return to a standing position and then you can show them affection in a less aggressive way.  Also, if you are trying to stop your dog from getting on your bed, couch, or other piece of furniture, “down” will help you achieve your goal with one simple word.
  5. Drop It
    • “Drop it” is a helpful command for many dog owners because dogs tend to grab things with their mouth that they should not. It can be hard and overly aggressive to have to wrestle something dangerous or unwanted out of your dog’s mouth so the command” drop it” is important because it teaches your dog that when you want them  to drop something, they should do it without resistance.