A bored dog is often a mischievous dog so it is important to ensure that your dog gets proper exercise and has toys that entertain him.  Many toys on the market will entertain your dog for a minute or two but your intelligent dog will quickly become bored or uninterested in such a basic toy.  Fortunately, there are also many interactive toys on the market that are designed to occupy your dog’s attention for a longer period of time, providing challenging entertainment through problem solving and fun play.  Below are some of the best interactive toys for your dog.

  • Kong Toy
    • An oldie but a goodie, the Kong toy has lasting power for good reason – it works. Today, there are many different Kong toy designs but the standard, original design is made of incredibly durable rubber with a hole at one end that you can stuff with treats, peanut butter, or leave empty.  All of the Kong toys are made with the same durable, designed-for-chewing-rubber so that dogs can chew, throw, figure out how to get treats out, and entertain themselves for long periods of time.
  • Dog Twister by Nina Ottosson
    • Brain games are not just for humans, they are for dogs too! Your dog is intelligent and there are many fun toys, such as Dog Twister, that allow dogs to get rewards for exercising their mind.  Outward Hound describes the toy, “Nina Ottosson’s® Dog Twister treat game has so many challenges with so many rewards! With 11 treat chambers and 10 hollow bone locks, your pup will keep busy pulling, pawing, nuzzling, and working their way to a tasty reward. To start, simply fill each chamber with a treat or kibble and watch them work their way into each chamber. Step up the game by adding the locking bones, so opening each chamber is a two step process. Place a treat under the bone lock for even more rewards!”
  • Zip & Zoom Indoor Agility Kit
    • Does your dog have boundless energy? Running around playing fetch is great but perhaps your dog would like to try something a bit more challenging?  This indoor agility kit is ideal because it is fun, challenging and gets out energy, all in one kit.  Outward Hound describes the agility kit as follows, “Dogs don’t just want to play—they want to play with us. By inspiring interactive fun, this 7 piece dog agility kit nurtures the relationship between you and your pup.Agility challenges your dog’s I.Q. by presenting a variety of obstacles. To successfully work through the course, dogs must differentiate between their handler’s commands while using their natural problem-solving skills. It’s important to promote your dog’s physical health and wellbeing. Because it provides an outlet for natural canine instincts, agility encourages healthy exercise while also boosting doggie I.Q. Plus, it helps you get exercise too.”