Happy Lab.

All dog owners want to take great care of their dogs and ensure their health and well-being are always protected.  At Happy Dog Inn, we are a Phoenix boarding facility that is all-too-familiar with the importance of proper dog hydration.  This is always true but the summer is always a great reminder of the importance of continually supplying your dog with adequate, clean water.  Dogs can easily become dehydrated when outside in warm temperatures or when doing strenuous activities such as walking, running, or hiking.  Whether you are home, at a boarding facility, or out and about with your dog, there are many different products available to help you keep your dog well-hydrated.  Below are the 3 best products for keeping your dog hydrated.

3 Best Products for Keeping Your Dog Hydrated

  1. Dog Water Dispenser
    • There are many different types of dog water dispensers available on the market. They function almost like the water cooler at your office.  You fill a large bottle with clean water and then the water bottle adds water to the reservoir as needed when water levels get low.  This is a great way to ensure that you dog always has access to clean water whether you are forgetful, your dog drinks a lot, or your dog is home alone for long periods of time where you are not present to refill their water.  THIS is a great example of a dog water dispenser.
  2. Portable Dog Water Bottle
    • Dog water bottles are a convenient, compact, and easy way to keep your dog hydrated on the go. Throw one in your car, purse, or backpack to provide your dog with clean water access whenever needed.  These are so lightweight and easy to use they are even great to take with you on long walks.  They are the same size as a typical water bottle but have a reservoir attached so that as you tip the water bottle it collects water so that your dog can easily lap it up.  THIS is a great example of a dog water bottle.
  3. Portable Dog Bowl
    • A portable dog bowl is a compact and easy way to give your dog water (and food!) on the go. Many portable dog bowls can fold flat for easy storage and them simply open and expand when needed.  You can fill them with water, food, or treats and place them on the ground so that your dog can get the refreshment that they need.  THIS is a great example of a portable dog bowl.